High-performance thermoadhesive films for excellent material adhesion and decorative films created to make every project unique

Thermoadhesive Films

With our thermoadhesive films, we offer a vast world of possibilities for textile bonding and lamination, guaranteeing strength, versatility and excellent quality

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Decorative Films

Discover our unique range of decorative thermoadhesives for incredible creations

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Hot Melt WEB and NET

Are you looking for highly breathable, high-performance materials? Discover our NET, a polyurethane thermoadhesive thread woven into mesh, and WEB thermoadhesive thread in different chemical bases in the shape of a “spider’s web”. These innovative products...

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Special 2- or 3-layer thermoadhesive tapes with a sealing function to make seams totally waterproof. Should you wish to make a seamless garment, a more specific line of tapes suitable for this purpose comes to our aid.

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Eco Friendly Thermoadhesive

Environmentally sustainable bonding solutions designed to meet the needs of the garment industry in an innovative and sustainable way

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