Highly functional products ideal for outdoor activities and able to withstand different weather conditions. Water-, wind- and air-proof clothing. A winning combination of technical features that ensure comfort, protection and excellent performance.

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Our products designed for the outdoor industry

Thermoadhesive Films

With our thermoadhesive films, we offer a vast world of possibilities for textile bonding and lamination, guaranteeing strength, versatility and excellent quality

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Hot Melt WEB and NET

Are you looking for highly breathable, high-performance materials? Discover our NET, a polyurethane thermoadhesive thread woven into mesh, and WEB thermoadhesive thread in different chemical bases in the shape of a “spider’s web”. These innovative products...

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Hot melt granule adhesives are suitable for bonding and laminating textiles in any industry

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In the vast world of thermoplastic powder adhesives, a universe of possibilities opens up thanks to the versatility of raw materials and the different chemical bases available

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