Waterproof, breathable, eco-friendly membranes with cutting edge  technical features. ITEX can offer you a solution for every specific application. Discover our wide range of membranes for outstanding results.

Standard Membranes

From their incredible capacity for breathability to their exceptional waterproof performance, these membranes offer a world of comfort and protection in one thin, lightweight and environmentally friendly layer.

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Printed Membranes

A world of style, customisation and creativity.  From the choice of vibrant colours to customised patterns, you can create unique and distinctive garments with our PU or TPU membranes: where functionality meets fashion.

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Colored membranes

Our coated and colored PU membranes will contribute to particularly eye-catching sportswear and apparel by combining the high quality of PU membrane with a wide combination of colors.

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Membrane Specialities

These innovative membranes offer a wide range of functions, from fire-retardant and antibacterial properties to conductive, blackout, iridescent, and photoluminescent capabilities. They are designed to meet safety, style and performance needs in different sectors, ensuring a...

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Eco Friendly Membranes

These membranes are high quality, sustainability-orientated, and customisable to different needs.

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